Vendor Selection

What’s the big deal about Vendor Selection? The right “match” of a vendor/partner with your training needs can make a tremendous impact on your effectiveness. And the wrong fit can be disastrous – lost time, lost money, and a blow to your reputation.

Helping you select optimal vendors for your pharmaceutical training or marketing projects is what  Impactiviti is all about. We listen to you as you outline your needs. We take a consultative approach, asking you questions to help clarify the needed direction. Then we recommend the optimal preferred partner. Saving you a ton of time and effort in the vendor selection process.

Sample client-vendor “matches” from recent months:

> Social media consulting (small biotech)

> Social media training (large pharma)

> Curriculum design consulting (mid-sized biotech)

> Selling program re-design (major pharma)

> Managed Care curriculum consulting (major pharma)

> Product launch training/eLearning (mid-sized pharma)

> Virtual Preceptorship (mid-sized pharma)

> Training tape library (mid-sized biotech)

> Product training modules (major pharma)

> Managed Markets eLearning (major pharma)

> Managed Markets Negotiation training (major pharma)

> On-line Testing platform (small pharma)

> Compliance Training (small pharma)

> Management/Leadership training program (mid-sized pharma)

> Hospital training (major pharma)

> Key Account Manager training (major pharma)

> Compensation plan analysis (major pharma)

> Communications training (mid-sized biotech)

Our clients say it best:

    “I have worked with Steve on numerous projects over the years. He has always been a tremendous resource; not only through his advice and experiences, but through his ability to help identify the best resources to help get the job done.”Robert Holliday, Director, Product Training and Curriculum Development, Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals

When you are seeking to identify the best vendor partners for your training, eMarketing, or social media needs, call on us! We can be reached at 973-947-7429, or stevew(at)impactiviti(dot)com.

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